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Sound absorption and noise reduction performance of ceramic fiberboard

  Ceramic fiber board with the corresponding aluminum silicate fiber cotton as raw materials, vacuum molding or dry process by drying and machining from refining. Ceramic fiberboard in addition to the corresponding dispersion of calcium silicate fiber cotton excellent performance, the product quality hard, toughness and strength of fine, with excellent resistance to wind erosion. Heating is not inflated, light weight, easy construction, can be any shear bending, kiln, pipes and other insulation equipment, the ideal energy-saving materials. Mainly used for demanding high toughness, high strength from the load-bearing places; there are high for air flow, mechanical destructive places. Bulk density, uniform thickness, easy construction and installation. Anti-wind erosion ability, direct contact with the flame and high-speed air; high temperature performance and stability, thermal shock, low heat capacity, high temperature conditions, high compressive strength.
Refractory fiber is the choice of high quality ceramic fiber board, it has the following advantages:
1 excellent chemical stability;
2 excellent thermal stability;
3 excellent tensile strength;
4 low thermal conductivity;
5 low heat capacity;
6 excellent sound and noise reduction performance.
    Zibo Yingchuang Refractory Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of research and development, production of ceramic fiber needle blanket, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber cotton series of products has a long history, advanced equipment, production technology and testing equipment, A prime of life, proficient in business. My company is willing to the latest technology, reliable quality, preferential prices, all users as the center, to promote customer satisfaction projects, and new and old customers sincere cooperation, a total of new century glory.