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The way of heat transfer of refractory bricks

Refractory brick manufacturers said the refractory is by convection and steady state heat transfer, in the middle of the high temperature furnace if there are two refractory bricks, and there are two different temperatures there is a temperature difference. There will be heat transfer process we call heat transfer.

Heat transfer rate: refers to the unit time through the heat transfer surface heat transfer.

Heat flux: refers to the unit time through the unit heat transfer surface heat. Heat flux, also known as heat density.

Steady heat transfer: The heat transfer process at which the temperature of the points in the heat transfer system changes only with the position and does not change with time. The process of steady state heat transfer is characterized by a constant heat transfer rate through the heat transfer surface.

Non-stereotactic heat transfer: During the non-steady state heat transfer system, the temperature along the points varies not only with the position, but also with time. In general, the heat transfer process of the intermittent production operation is non-steady state heat transfer.

Refractory brick manufacturers said that the convection heat of the refractory brick is due to the movement of the internal particles of the fluid, the heat of the refractory brick from one to another. In the furnace refractory tiles heat transfer often encountered, when the fluid and refractory brick wall contact with the heat to the refractory wall or heat from the wall to the phenomenon of fluid.